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Welcome to Garnet Valley

NFL Flag Football:

Week 1 Itinerary:

Practice starts 4/2/24:

Division 1,2 and 3 Practice from 6-7pm

Division 4 and 5 Practice from 7-8pm

Games Start 4/4/24

Game Schedule is located on the schedule tab

Games start at 6pm

Please know your team number/letter combination (i.e. 3B) before arriving for practice. This is the way we differentiate divisions and teams. NFL Team names can be reused between the divisions, so looking for “the Jaguars” is not always accurate!

Weather Updates  

Football is an outdoor sport. Players will play in the rain.  If we need to cancel or postpone any games due to unsafe conditions, we will update the website AND contact coaches and parents via email.

On the Fields

We will try to have a staff member or volunteer at every game venue each week. They will be able to answer your questions and contact the directors if needed.

Sidelines - Parents are asked to remain on the opposite side of the players bench during the games. Parents are only allowed on the sideline when granted access by the coach for an injury. Please remember that your coach is likely a parent too and will be able to tend to most bumps and bruises. 


Absolutely no pets or alcohol are permitted at any NFL Flag field. If either is found in your possession, you'll be asked to leave or leave the pet in the car for the duration of the practice or game. 

As always, feel free to reach out with any additional questions not covered here. We look forward to seeing everyone on the fields this season!

Practice Fields 

MSI Practice.jpg

Game Fields 

MSI Game Fields.jpg

Contact Information: Andrew and Liz Bohinick



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